Packages tailored to your individual needs.

Package pricing is based on complexity and the number of sessions. Please inquire, and we will be happy customize a package for you based on your specific needs.

Guest Communication & Automations (Triggers/Automations, Reservation Documents, Guest Portal).

Description: Effective Guest Communication is so important in the hospitality industry and we want to make sure that the right information is sent at the right time. Spend additional time learning about creating and editing reservation documents, including what documents are necessary for guests and how merge fields can customize your documents. We’ll do a deep dive into Triggers and Automations, including what the difference is between both and how they can be set up to automatically send your documents and create tasks. Taking a look at the Guest Portal, we’ll look at what options you have to continue to build it out to make sure it reflects your branding. Approx. 2-3 sessions

Rates and Fees Review (Daily/Seasonal Rates, Derivatives, Promo Codes/Discounts)

Description: Ensuring that your rates are accurate in Track is very important to maintaining operational efficiency. Whether you manually input your rates or use a revenue manager, we’ll take a look at your Daily Rates (and Seasonal Rates if used) to ensure they are accurate. Setting up and reviewing derivatives so that you won’t lose money on third party bookings. And we’ll spend time reviewing and configuring promo codes and discounts, including where to manually add them to reservations. Approx. 2-3 sessions

Unit Profiles Configuration and Review (Inheritance, Lock Offs/Composites, Unit/Node Types, Amenities, )

Description: This is where we’ll take a look at your current unit profile set up in Track and ensure that your nodes and units are set up accurately and effectively. We’ll review with you how inheritance works with unit profiles, especially for amenities. We’ll do a deep dive into your current units to ensure the information is correct and will show how to create new units and nodes. Approx. 2 sessions

Channels Configuration and Review (Connections to Track: Key/Secret set up, Distribution Engine)

Description: Ensuring that your channels are properly configured and connected to Track is very important and that is what we’ll cover in this call. We’ll review your channels, configure any that are missing and show you how to create keys and secrets for the channel connections. If you have Track’s Distribution Engine, we’ll do a deep dive into the functionality of the feature, including the bulk editor tool. Approx. 2-3 sessions

Operation Modules – Housekeeping & Maintenance

(HK/Maintenance Portal, Users and Roles Set up and Permissions, Creating HK/Maintenance tickets)

Description: If you use housekeeping and maintenance with Track, this is a great opportunity to learn more about features such as the HK/Maintenance Portal, how to manually create or automate the creation of work orders and how to assign/remove housekeepers and inspectors from work orders. We’ll also take a look at creating users and roles so that you can add your staff to Track and editing permissions. And we’ll review the best reports you can use for your housekeeping and maintenance departments. Approx. 3 sessions

Reservations User and Guest Services Training

(Review Track reports, Tape Chart, How to Make a Reservation, Reservations screen, Checking Guests In/Out, Searching for Guest Information, Issuing Refunds, Changing Reservation Information, etc.)

Description: This is an important training for staff members who will be in contact with guests, including front office managers. We’ll review where to find reservation information for guests, how to make and edit a reservation and how to check guests in and out manually and automatically. This training will also focus on the functionality of the Tape Chart and Track’s reservation and guest services reports. Approx. 2-3 sessions

CRM & Call Center Review

(Review Call Center(Pulse Config, CRM Config, SMS, Secure Messaging, & Surveys, Reporting)

Description: If you are using your PMS then you are adding contacts to your system daily. This is where we will take a look at your CRM configuration. We will also review your SMS Setup, Secure Messaging & Survey Modules to make sure you are taking full advantage. If you are using the call center platform we will train on how to answer calls and ensuring best practices are followed. Reporting will be covered on all of these items. Approx. 2-3 sessions

Accounting & Owner Review

Review setup of Ledgers, Cost Codes, Taxes, Reporting, Owner Setup, End of Month, Reconciliation, Owner Statements. Approx. 5-6 sessions

Custom Deep Dive Evaluations

Full evaluation of the entire system referencing the above items. Clients entire software system going through each component indicating any suggestions of changes that should be made and provide the client a detailed breakdown of findings. Custom Package.