Filling the Gaps

Packages tailored to your individual needs.

Communication Booster

Description: This comprehensive consulting package session is designed to empower users with the necessary skills to effectively communicate and manage various aspects within the Streamline platform. Participants will gain proficiency in utilizing features such as Custom Email and Push Notifications, the New Editor, leveraging the News Manager & Owner News functionalities, managing Coupons & Discounts, Guest Reviews and Surveys, Happy Stays, handling Documents efficiently, and utilizing StreamSign Pro and StreamPhone tools.

All About Housekeeping

Description: This package is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to effectively utilize the CMS for managing various aspects of cleaning operations. Throughout this session, we will cover essential modules including Housekeeping, Basics, Inspections, Custom Clean Type & Cleaning, Linen Package & Delivery Set-Up, Packaging Slip Set-Up, Scheduled Cleans, and Triggered Cleans.

Leads, Email and More

Description: By the end of this consulting package, participants will have a thorough understanding of utilizing the PMS for lead and email management, CRM functionalities for homeowner acquisition and sales management, as well as effectively managing quotes. They will gain proficiency in capturing and organizing leads, managing homeowner prospects, setting up and managing sales pipelines.

Maintenance Masters

Description: Through this package, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the Streamline for organizing maintenance tasks, conducting inspections, managing inventory, scheduling recurring and triggered work orders, and ensuring proper property care. They will gain proficiency in navigating the software dashboard, conducting inspections, managing inventory levels, scheduling maintenance tasks, and analyzing property care data for optimization.

Reservations Roundup

Description: This specialized training session is designed to equip users with advanced skills in reservation management within our software platform. Participants will learn to effectively utilize features such as Add-On Scheduler, Canceling Reservations, Commissioned Agents, Customizing Reservation Fields, Dynamic Charging Rules by Reservation Type, Entering Reservations, Managing Reservations, and Troubleshooting Taxes and Fees.